Keeping taxes low and government small is the essence of the Republican Party. Free market principles are proven to work far better than government programs or interference. Businesses must have the freedom to succeed without fear of over regulation and taxation. Government should not have the power to determine winners and losers or which businesses succeed or fail. Equal taxation and fair regulation of all businesses will allow the free market to excel.


Property taxes:

The American dream of home ownership should be encouraged. High property taxes threaten the ability to achieve and maintain home ownership, particularity for our retired and those living on fixed incomes. We cannot increase property taxes and need to look for ways to decrease existing rates. HOA fees must be kept low. Constant increases are hurting the ability of home owners to keep up. No one should lose their home because of HOA fees.



Small businesses are the backbone of our economy and by far provide the majority of needed Jobs in our community. Government’s role is to create a fair atmosphere that encourages new business startups and business growth. The answer to creating good paying jobs is to curb government’s role, over taxation and burdensome regulations that are preventing businesses from expanding and employing Nevadans.


Health Care:

Health care should be between the patient and doctor period. Government run mandated insurance programs such as Obamacare has driven prices sky high. Deals between government and insurance companies have left the patient without timely services, choice or affordable coverage. Medicare for our seniors must be protected without compromising care. Our healthcare and doctor choices have to be the patient’s decision and care cannot be dictated by a board of bureaucrats representing insurance companies or government agencies. Your choice in healthcare and your doctor is a priority.



Let freedom be the answer, Give parents the freedom of choice and access the school that best fits the needs of their child and family values. Teachers need the freedom to run their own class and not follow mandated one size fits all. The reality is that when teachers have this ability students excel. Funds are not making it into the classroom where they are needed and this must be changed. School choice is the number one improvement tool as proven in many states ranking the highest. Nevada must implement methods that other states are using with success.


2nd amendment:

Of all the rights we have, the right to self-defense is the most sacred. Law abiding citizens have the constitutional right to protect themselves, their families and property. I fully support maintaining our 2nd amendment rights and oppose gun legislation that removes the right of the people to bear arms.



Caring for our veterans is extremely important. Providing promised benefits to those who have sacrificed for our country and our families has to be a number one priority. Too many of our brave have been disregarded and treated like second class citizens when they deserve the best of all services and the highest respect. We can do better and we must.


Drugs and prescription drug abuse:

More and more of our children are at risk every year from overdosing on Prescription drugs. Deaths from drug overdose among teens 15 to 19 years old has risen 91 percent in the past decade alone. The vast majority of these deaths are because every day, 2,000 teens in this country are using prescription drugs for the first time for the sole purpose of getting high. Prescription drug misuse is a gateway to illegal drugs and both are killing our youth. My goal is to introduce legislation that will reduce access to these prescription drugs for our young people who are using these drugs illegally.

Paid for By Richard Bunce for Assembly